E-Payment Management

E-Payment or Electronic Payment is digital financial payment transactions involving currency transfer between two or more parties. In normal use in Malaysia, E-payment refers to the use of digital instruments to buy or pay for goods and services.E-Payment has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds in Malaysia in recent years in line with the growth of Information Technology. Fueled by the growth of the Internet and mobile communications, strong demand for convenience from the consumer, better fraud prevention and security features - E-payment is fast catching on and is now slowly rising in profile to be the preferred payment method especially for e-Government use.


Lava has been involved in the E-Payment scene in Malaysia since 2004. Over the years we have helped numerous organizations in their e-Payment deployment initiatives. Most of our clients have been from the Government: Lava assisted them in their E-Payment deployment and also assisted them in developing the management systems for day to day monitoring of the systems.Over the years, we have gained a treasure trove of experience and have used this in coming out with a solid platform solution which we call E-Payment that aids speedy e-Payment deployment and is loaded with comprehensive features tailored to common areas of concern in e-payment deployment especially for Government and semi-Government agencies.



Lava’s experience rich consultants and system experts can help to hand hold the client through the deployment process and advise on the correct strategy to ensure services can viably use E-Payment as a payment method. This includes advising the client on the various methods and instruments available, dealings with the banks and other authorities, steps on security and systems integration and also the system for the management of the e-Payment infrastructure.



Lava provides services in setting up individual payment gateways. The 2 most popular e-payment methods are credit cards and debit card. Lava has successfully deployed both VISA and MasterCard gateways for credit card and also the FPX gateway for debit card. Lava can also assist and rope in partners in deploying other methods such as mobile payment and also direct debit.

Lava EPS

Lava EPS is an E-Payment Management System that allows multiple E-Payment instruments such as credit card, debit card, direct debit and mobile payment to be effectively integrated, managed and organized. An organization would deploy Lava EPS to manage their E-Payment initiative better with it’s comprehensive, tried and tested features.

Web based and feature rich; Lava EPS can assist in speeding up the E-payment roll out and take away the headache of building management and monitoring systems for E-Payment from scratch.

Maintenance and Support

Ensuring the integrity of the E-Payment deployment, timely preventive maintenance, and adequate support from subject matter experts are services offered by Lava. As e-Payment is a time sensitive and mission critical issue for most organizations, Lava is fully committed to ensuring uninterrupted operations for its clients.