Avira Anti Virus Software

Avira has held the top position for more than a year now. A combination of one of the world‘s most modern anti-virus laboratories with superior concepts for poly-metamorphic and generic detections developed by some of the industry’s most respected AV specialists has allowed us to maintain and improve our detection rate for over 24 months. Infections that need more than the deletion of the affected file benefit from our repair scripts to remove even the most complex infections.

The great detection rates are supplemented by a unique advanced heuristic technology. AHeAD has been developed to offer an adjustable level of detection where even the most aggressive settings still lead to an acceptable rate of false positives. Even with moderate settings almost no false positives occur and the detection rate doesn’t drop down below an acceptable level.

Typically there is a contradiction in having the biggest number of virus signatures versus achieving the best performance and consuming the lowest memory resources. Using clever algorithms Avira has established a bridge to combine both of these targets and offer one of the fastest AV engines consuming very little memory